Susan has created a form to contain all of your vital personal information and wishes. This document is meant to be filled out and given to trusted friends, family, and personal advisers. With it, they will have all of the information they need to protect you, your assets, and your legacy. To fill out the document for yourself, follow the instructions below. Read all of the instructions before clicking on the download link! Note: you need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to access this document. Remember, store this in a safe place because it contains so much of your personal information.

Instructions for downloading the Legacy Organizer

Step 1: Click the link above called "click here to download the legacy organizer." A new tab should open with the legacy organizer. This instruction page will stay open in a different tab. Please note that this is a 45 page document, so it might take a few moments to load.

Option 1, step 1: If you would like to print out the legacy organizer and fill it out by hand, click the "print button" (see photo 1, blue circle).

Option 2, step 1: If you would like to fill out your information on the computer, download the legacy organizer by clicking the download button (see photo 1, red circle).

Option 2, step 2: Next you'll need to save your downloaded organizer. Make sure to save it with a file name that you'll remember (see photo 2, purple circle) and click "save" (see photo 2, orange circle).

Option 2, step 3: Click on the blue rectangles and type your information. Be sure to save the document by clicking the "save" button (see photo 3, green circle) each time you're done working on the legacy organizer--you don't want to lose any of your progress! If you'd like to print out your finished product, click the print button (see photo 3, yellow circle).

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3