Plan of Action

For readers who have yet to complete their estate plans, here is a simple Plan of Action:

1.  Choose the qualified attorney you would like to work with. Call the attorney to discuss availability, pricing and schedule an appointment.

2.  Complete the attorney’s questionnaire that asks for detail information such as full legal names, dates of birth, contact information, etc.  Then gather relevant documents such as your
current estate documents (if any), deeds to your real property, contracts for burial (or cremation).

3.  Meet with your attorney.  At the end of this meeting, sign a retainer agreement to hire your attorney, pay the retainer amount.

4.  Attorney drafts your documents based on your meeting and sends them to you via email or US mail.

5.  You review the drafts carefully to make sure they reflect your wishes.  Call your attorney with comments or questions.

6.  Your attorney revises the drafts until you and your attorney are satisfied with them.

7.  Meet with your attorney for you to sign your documents. Take your current, valid driver’s license for the notary process.

8.  Your attorney records any deeds that you have signed and sends the originals of all your
documents to you.

9.  You transfer any other accounts into your trust and change any beneficiary designations to
complete your plan.

10.  You review your documents annually for any changes such as births, deaths, marriages, financial changes.

See, now isn’t that easy??

Originally posted by Susan on January 13, 2014